Guitar Scales

Love ‘em or hate ‘em but the fact of the matter is you need ‘em… (Scroll down for the PDF’s or click here for Guitar Chords)

When it comes to guitar scales people either love them or they hate them. Funny how these love/hate relationships work? Well if you’re on this page then you’re probably looking to learn some guitar scales… You’ve come to the right place. I will be updating this page regularly with scales and arpeggios so all you need to do is download the free PDF’s and you’re good to go. I personally think it’s essential to learn guitar scales because they contain all the notes that fit within a particular key and you’ll need to know how they work if you want to play proper lead guitar.

The reason a lot of people aren’t that keen to learn guitar scales is probably because they don’t quite know how to use them properly. You see the fact of the matter is that scales on their own aren’t exactly music. It’s what you do with the scales after you’ve learned them that counts. So don’t just expect to learn guitar scales and then magically become the next Hendrix or Vai. You need to understand how to put them to use and a good place to start is with chord tone targeting. The way chord tone targeting works is that whenever you’ve come to the end of your lines you need to rest on a note and that note preferably needs to be a chord tone or perhaps an extension of some sort. Think of it as tension and resolution. So as you’re learning scales just bear that in mind. I’ll be posting some lessons soon to show you how to use scales to navigate through chord changes. For now you can download the pdf’s and watch the videos where necessary to help you learn all the various guitar scales.

>>Download Major Scale Chart<<

>>Download Major Pentatonic Scale Chart<<

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>>Download Minor Pentatonic Scale Chart<<

guitar lesson video>>Watch Minor Pentatonic Scale Video<<

>>Download Blues Scale Chart<<

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Guitar Scales PDF eBook

    Written by Guitar Techniques Magazine Tutor, Charl Coetzee
    142 Page eBook with High Res Images
    Major & Minor Scales, Major & Minor Pentatonic Scales, Blues Scales in all 12 keys
    Detailed explanation of where scales come from & how they work
    All Caged Scale Patterns in All Keys

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The most commonly used scales in music are the Major & Minor Scales, Major & Minor Pentatonic Scales as well as the Blues Scale. In this eBook you will learn where the Major Scale comes from as well as detailed explanations of the various scales and how they’re constructed.

I’ve been asked for a while to provide students with a Guitar Scales for Beginners manual. Beginners will learn everything they need to know but this is perfect for the seasoned player as well. Do you know what the note names are of the F# Major Pentatonic Scale and can you play them confidently all over the neck? If not you simply need to open the eBook in your favorite PDF viewer, find the scale patterns and then you’ll be able to whizz all over the neck in a matter of seconds.

Check it out! I think you’ll like it.

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